What We Do:

  • Bunkbeds.co.uk
  • Clocks.co.uk
  • Cots.co.uk
  • Cutlery.co.uk
  • DuvetCovers.co.uk
  • ExerciseBike.co.uk
  • InsuranceQuotes.co.uk
  • Stools.co.uk
  • Trainers.co.uk
  • Trains.co.uk
  • Treadmills.co.uk
  • & quite a few more

Here at Exacts.co.uk we specialise in developing premium generic keyword domain names into functional & relevant websites. Our aim is to match each site we produce closely to the domain name, giving the cleanest & most relevant user experience possible.

We believe it makes business sense to develop targetted services in areas that large numbers of people are already searching for. Exacts.co.uk is run by BAFTA award winning producer Ty Hancocks.


Email : uk [at] Exacts.co.uk