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Generic v Brandable Domains

So what’s the difference between them?

Well, simply put, a generic domain is a domain that perfectly describes a common item, action, location, product or service. Basically it is a domain that is an exact match for a word or phrase or name that means something to a lot of people, without any additions or alterations. Ideally a generic domain will match a reasonable number of searches – ie the domain name will be made up exactly or words or phrases that people are actually searching for:

Examples of Generic Domains (none of these are mine – didn’t seem fair!):

  • Money.co.uk
  • SpiralNotebook.co.uk
  • ShoppingCentre.co.uk
  • GardenGate.co.uk
  • Cambridge.co.uk
  • Plumbers.co.uk

Examples of Bad Generic Domains:

  • UPVCFencingUK.co.uk
  • Cast-Iron-Dutch-Ovens.co.uk
  • DarkGreenSocks.co.uk

A brandable domain can take the form of made up words:

  • Daga.co.uk
  • Sweed.co.uk
  • Bello.co.uk

Or generic words with qualifiers:

  • GoodKeys.co.uk
  • RJGarages.co.uk
  • Nursery73.co.uk

Or “Cool Sounding” Word Combinations:

  • JealousBuddha.co.uk
  • MintyGreenDevil.co.uk
  • PanParadise.co.uk
Or it’s possible for a generic domain to be a brandable when it’s used in an subject area that is unrelated to it’s actual dictionary meaning. Some famous examples are:
  • Apple.com
  • Orange.co.uk
  • Shell.co.uk

Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to build a perfectly decent website on a 100% brandable domain or a made up word. “Google” is the most quoted & most famous example, but undeveloped brandable domains are notoriously hard to sell, and even harder to turn into successful websites, unless you’ve got a world beating idea for a real service, a lot of luck, or very, very deep pockets.

Anyone looking to invest in domains names would be well advised to stick to Generic Domain names – preferably ones that have a high exact match search volume, as launching a website on a domain name that people are already searching for is a huge, huge advantage when it comes to turning it into a success.