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New in! FridgeFreezers.co.uk and FridgeFreezer.co.uk

We’re delighted to say that we’ve just bought two great new product domains – FridgeFreezers.co.uk and the singular version FridgeFreezer.co.uk. Both names currently have websites attached, but neither of them are currently ranking well in search engines, so our challenge is to rebuild them, sort out the SEO and get them visible to the people who are searching for [fridge freezer(s)].

We bought them on the strength of their figures as it’s a vast market, and names as good as this are pretty rare these days.

For example, according to Google there are:
40,000+ searches in the UK every month for the exact term [fridge freezers]

And an additional:
125,000 searches per month in the UK for [keyword(s) fridge freezers] or [fridge freezers keyword(s)]

Which are searches like:
[american fridge freezers] 8,100 searches
[integrated fridge freezers] 880 searches
[american style fridge freezers] 4,400 searches
[frost free fridge freezers] 2,400
[fridge freezers uk] 2,400 searches
[cheap fridge freezers] 6,600 searches
and so on.

So there’s bags of potential, and if we can get it right (and it’s a big if!) then these should be great names for the future.

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