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Nominet Data: Why am I publishing this?

It’s a perfectly reasonable question, I’m glad you asked!

I’m correlating and publishing this data for a few different reasons.

  1. I called Nominet today to ask them if they were going to publish sales data from the short names release, and was told very politely that they had no plans to do so other than to publish “highlights, average prices and notable sales”.
  2. I believe that this release of names is the strongest possible evidence of the rude health and inherent value in .co.uk, but if the information is not published then it does our industry no good, which is no good thing.
  3. I find it extremely interesting.
  4. The UK domain market is largely a closed book – we do not have the same regular drip feed of published “expired domain” auction prices enjoyed by .com market (from sites like Snapnames, GoDaddy, Namejet and Pool). The .com market has seen values go from strength to strength on the back of this regular value reinforcement and publicity.
  5. I feel that reliable & ongoing sales data is an essential part of setting domain values. As such, UK domain prices are lagging /undervalued IMHO because people do not realise what sort of prices UK names can and do command.
  6. As it’s already in the public domain, correlating this data is my own nod towards correcting the above.
  7. They say knowledge is power, so I’m hoping you feel more powerful.
For the record I’m a registrar with Nominet and own a lot of UK domain names. I was a participant in a fair number of these auctions, although I didn’t buy any of the short domains in the end.

This list and the others in this section are a work in progress….

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