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Nominet short domain auctions: Who got what?

Update, new data added 13-10-11 (8th update)
If like me you’ve been keeping a close eye on the Nominet short name auction process, you might be interested to see who got the names. As many predicted, domainers pretty much swept the board, and end users didn’t really get much of a look in.

I’m updating this list as results come in or ownership changes and a domain with just a plain “<blank>” means that name’s not yet been assigned to it’s new owner by Nominet (all names are now assigned as of the 13-10-11 update). In the final reckoning, 62% of the names were awarded to just 4 registrants. I’m now also adding price data as I find it, but a fair bit of this info is as it has been reported around the web or by 3rd parties (as I was only in 70 auctions personally). As such there may be inaccuracies that I’m unaware of.

If you know of any prices that are not on the list, please email then to uk@exacts.co.uk ! Thanks very much.

The table is searchable by domain or by registrant, can be ordered by column and sorts instantly – give it a try! All prices are in Gbp and do not include VAT at 20%

DomainOriginal Auction RegistrantUpdated Registrant?Price (ex VAT)
0.co.ukANY-Web Limited8800
1.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC18000
5.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC19001
6.co.ukANY-Web Limited12000
7.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC17000
8.co.ukANY-Web Limited22000
9.co.ukGarth Piesse30000
ag.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2600
ah.co.ukANY-Web Limited(1st change) A Hugh (now) Domain Capital3000
ai.co.ukLCN.com Ltd6000
aj.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2800
ak.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited1850
al.co.ukPidom BV4000
an.co.ukBen Catt2300
ao.co.ukANY-Web Limited2100
ap.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited3800
ar.co.ukPidom BV4000
as.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited4100
au.co.ukDeepak Daftari3500
ax.co.ukANY-Web Limited2100
ay.co.ukAdelere Aodu1501
bb.co.ukA Hugh17500
bc.co.ukGarth Piesse8500
bd.co.ukGarth Piesse2750
bf.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies3500
bg.co.ukEnterfirst LTD5100
bh.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited3100
bi.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited3500
bm.co.ukANY-Web Limited5100
bo.co.ukJason Haymer2800
br.co.ukDomain Developers Fund4100
bs.co.ukGarth Piesse3200
bu.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1400
bv.co.ukANY-Web Limited1900
bx.co.ukANY-Web Limited2200
by.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies3000
bz.co.ukAlamex Limited2100
ca.co.ukDeepak Daftari5400
cb.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC5300
ce.co.ukGarth Piesse2600
cf.co.ukANY-Web Limited3200
cg.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2400
ch.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2850
ci.co.ukANY-Web Limited2150
cj.co.ukANY-Web Limited2700
ck.co.ukPsychic Media Ltd5100
cl.co.ukPerkins Coie LLP4000
cn.co.ukName Administration Inc. BVI4600
cq.co.ukANY-Web Limited1200
cr.co.ukDeepak Daftari2700
cs.co.ukANY-Web Limited4900
ct.co.ukCentral Technology Ltd3250
cu.co.ukCU Streaming Limited3500
cv.co.ukCV Template Limited38000
cx.co.ukGarth Piesse1800
cy.co.ukANY-Web Limited1200
cz.co.ukANY-Web Limited1500
d.co.ukANY-Web Limited(1st change) A Hugh (now) Domain Capital15100
da.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2300
dc.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited4900
de.co.ukDomain Developers Fund5500
df.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2600
dh.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited3300
di.co.ukForeign Ventures3100
dj.co.ukGarth Piesse8000
dl.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies3200
dm.co.ukDunelm (Soft Furnishings) Ltd6600
dn.co.ukANY-Web Limited7800
do.co.ukDomain Developers Fund5400
dp.co.ukGarner Media Ltd3400
dq.co.ukANY-Web Limited1201
dr.co.ukDebt Recovery Partners Ltd9300
dt.co.ukANY-Web Limited
du.co.ukANY-Web Limited1250
dv.co.ukANY-Web Limited(1st change) A Hugh (now) Domain Capital2500
dw.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2600
dx.co.ukGarth Piesse3200
dy.co.ukANY-Web Limited1201
dz.co.ukANY-Web Limited1301
ec.co.ukDomain Developers Fund3160
ed.co.ukNetbasic Ltd7500
ee.co.ukEverything Everywhere Limited5000
eg.co.ukPsychic Media LtdXYZ Invest LLC 3200
eh.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2650
ej.co.ukScott Jones2678
el.co.ukANY-Web Limited2600
em.co.ukANY-Web Limited3100
en.co.ukANY-Web Limited1850
eo.co.ukANY-Web Limited2200
ep.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2100
eq.co.ukANY-Web Limited(1st change) A Hugh (now) Domain Capital1700
er.co.ukDomain Developers Fund2900
es.co.ukName Administration Inc. BVI5900
eu.co.ukA HughANY-Web Limited4200
ev.co.ukANY-Web Limited1700
ex.co.ukDaniel OxTariq Arees4700
ez.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies4000
f.co.ukDomain Developers Fund17000
fb.co.ukFacebook Ireland Limited19500
fe.co.ukANY-Web Limited2350
fg.co.ukChris Mcintosh1950
fi.co.ukFirst Intuition6001
fj.co.ukDomain Brothers Ltd2000
fk.co.ukFrancis King2600
fn.co.ukGarth Piesse1900
fo.co.ukPsychic Media LtdXYZ Invest LLC 2200
fp.co.ukANY-Web Limited3100
fq.co.ukANY-Web Limited2050
fr.co.ukName Administration Inc. BVI5100
fs.co.ukFletchers Solicitors4000
fu.co.uk31e Management Solutions Limited3000
fv.co.ukANY-Web Limited1400
fw.co.ukANY-Web Limited2500
fy.co.ukPsychic Media Ltd1900
fz.co.ukANY-Web Limited1201
g.co.ukANY-Web Limited76000
gc.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2250
gd.co.ukGameplay (GB) Ltd.2700
gf.co.uk31e Management Solutions Limited3800
gh.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
gi.co.ukANY-Web Limited1950
gj.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
gk.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC1750
gl.co.ukChris Mcintosh2300
gm.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited5800
gn.co.ukPsychic Media LtdXYZ Invest LLC 2600
gs.co.ukANY-Web Limited
gt.co.ukMJK Communications Limited2700
gv.co.ukANY-Web Limited1201
gw.co.ukANY-Web Limited3400
gx.co.ukGarth Piesse1800
gy.co.ukANY-Web Limited1101
gz.co.ukANY-Web Limited1201
h.co.ukANY-Web Limited(1st change) A Hugh (now) Domain Capital16000
hb.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2550
hc.co.ukBen Catt3000
he.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies3750
hg.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited1950
hi.co.ukANY-Web Limited6400
hk.co.ukPidom BV4000
hm.co.ukH&M Hennes & Mauritz AB10000
hn.co.ukGarth Piesse2000
ho.co.ukANY-Web Limited1850
hq.co.ukSimon Millington and Susan Millington Trading as: The Sports HQ6900
hr.co.ukChartered Institute of personnel and Development (CIPD)22888
ht.co.ukGarth Piesse2450
hu.co.ukANY-Web Limited1300
hv.co.ukANY-Web Limited1700
hx.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1000
hy.co.ukPsychic Media Ltd2100
hz.co.ukJohn Lamb2666
ib.co.ukANY-Web Limited3200
id.co.ukGarth Piesse15000
if.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies15101
ih.co.ukIson Harrison3050
ii.co.ukInteractive Investor Plc7911
ij.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1101
ik.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC1750
il.co.ukGWI Solutions Ltd2300
in.co.ukDomain Developers Fund6500
io.co.ukDigit Networks Ltd2700
ip.co.ukDomain Developers Fund9600
iq.co.ukASAP Web Ltd9000
ir.co.ukANY-Web Limited2500
is.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC5100
iu.co.ukAsh Francis2000
iv.co.ukDomain Developers Fund2500
iw.co.ukANY-Web Limited2100
ix.co.ukANY-Web Limited1700
iy.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1201
iz.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1100
ja.co.ukANY-Web Limited
jb.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
je.co.ukANY-Web Limited
jf.co.ukDomain Capital
jg.co.ukJohn Guest Limited
jh.co.ukA Hugh
ji.co.ukANY-Web Limited
jl.co.ukANY-Web Limited
jm.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited5300
jn.co.ukDomain Capital
jo.co.ukDomain Developers Fund
jp.co.ukJeffrey Parker
jq.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
jr.co.uk31e Management Solutions Limited
js.co.ukJon Stock7200
ju.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
jv.co.ukANY-Web Limited
jx.co.ukANY-Web Limited2600
jy.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
jz.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
ka.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
kb.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
kd.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
ke.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
kf.co.ukANY-Web Limited
kg.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
kh.co.ukA Hugh
ki.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
kj.co.ukDomain Capital
kk.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
kl.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
km.co.ukGarth Piesse2700
kn.co.ukDomain Capital
ko.co.ukANY-Web Limited5800
kq.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
kr.co.ukName Administration Inc. BVI
ks.co.ukKingston Smith LLP
kt.co.ukA Hugh
ku.co.ukDomain Capital
kv.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
kw.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2600
kx.co.ukDomain Capital
ky.co.ukANY-Web Limited
kz.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
l.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
la.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC4100
lb.co.ukANY-Web Limited
lc.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
le.co.ukANY-Web Limited
lf.co.ukIT Media Inc
li.co.ukDomain Capital
lj.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
lk.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ll.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies8100
lm.co.ukDomain Developers Fund
ln.co.ukIT Media Inc
lo.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
lp.co.ukDomain Developers Fund
lq.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
lr.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
ls.co.ukGarth Piesse
lt.co.ukIT Media Inc
lu.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
lw.co.ukH Green
lx.co.ukANY-Web Limited2600
ly.co.ukANY-Web Limited2501
lz.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
ma.co.ukDemys Limited
mb.co.ukMercedes-benz UK Limited12000
md.co.ukDomain Developers Fund15000
mf.co.ukH Green
mh.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
mi.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ml.co.ukANY-Web Limited4700
mm.co.uk31e Management Solutions Limited10200
mn.co.ukManaged Networks Limited
mo.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC3200
mq.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
mr.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies7100
mt.co.ukIT Media Inc4900
mv.co.ukDomain Capital
mw.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
mx.co.ukANY-Web Limited2900
my.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC20500
mz.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
n.co.ukDomain Capital28000
na.co.ukWill Adderley
nb.co.ukGarth Piesse
nc.co.ukIT Media Inc
nd.co.ukNet Direct Ltd.3711
nf.co.ukIT Media Inc
ng.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
nj.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
nk.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
nl.co.ukANY-Web Limited7100
nm.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
nn.co.ukGroup NBT PLC
no.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
np.co.ukDomain Capital4000
nq.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
nr.co.ukNetwork Rail Infrastructure Ltd
ns.co.ukANY-Web Limited
nt.co.ukIT Media Inc
nu.co.ukDomain Developers Fund3800
nv.co.ukANY-Web Limited
nw.co.ukANY-Web Limited4000
ny.co.ukAffiliate Specialist Ltd Trading as: AFFILIATE4500
nz.co.ukANY-Web Limited
o.co.ukANY-Web Limited65000
oa.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ob.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
oc.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
od.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies4800
oe.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
of.co.ukDomain Developers Fund4500
og.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
oh.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
oj.co.ukANY-Web Limited
ol.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
om.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
on.co.ukGarth Piesse
oo.co.ukNext Jump8500
op.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
oq.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
or.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ot.co.ukOpen Text Corporation
ov.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
ow.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
ox.co.ukANY-Web Limited6900
oy.co.ukAsh Francis2500
oz.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies3900
p.co.ukANY-Web Limited40000
pd.co.ukDomain Capital
pe.co.ukANY-Web Limited
pf.co.ukPremier Farnell plc
pg.co.ukThe Procter & Gamble Company
ph.co.uk31e Management Solutions Limited5800
pi.co.ukANY-Web Limited
pj.co.ukANY-Web Limited4700
pl.co.ukitmed Trading as: IT Media Inc
pn.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
po.co.ukDomain Capital
pq.co.ukDomain Capital
pr.co.ukDomain Developers Fund55000
pro.co.ukGarth Piesse7000
pu.co.ukANY-Web Limited
pv.co.ukStyles Creative Ltd.17000
pw.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
py.co.ukBrightspark Ltd
pz.co.ukDomain Capital
qb.co.ukDomain Capital
qc.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qd.co.ukGarth Piesse
qe.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qf.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qg.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
qi.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qj.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
qk.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
ql.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
qm.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qn.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
qo.co.ukDomain Capital
qp.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qq.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
qr.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qs.co.ukANY-Web Limited4208
qt.co.ukANY-Web Limited
qu.co.ukDomain Capital
qv.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
qw.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited2500
qx.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC1600
qy.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
qz.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
r.co.ukDomain Capital40000
ra.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
rd.co.ukDomain Capital
re.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
rf.co.ukANY-Web Limited
rg.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
rh.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ri.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
rj.co.ukDomain Capital
rk.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
rl.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC4300
rn.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ro.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
rp.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
rq.co.ukANY-Web Limited
rr.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited10100
rt.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
ru.co.ukANY-Web Limited
rv.co.ukANY-Web Limited8000
rw.co.ukThe National Magazine Company Ltd
rx.co.ukANY-Web Limited2800
ry.co.ukANY-Web Limited
rz.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
sa.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC5200
sb.co.ukANY-Web Limited7100
sc.co.ukANY-Web Limited
se.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
sg.co.ukDeepak Daftari
sh.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
si.co.ukTime Inc.
sk.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
sl.co.ukANY-Web Limited
sm.co.ukSlaughter and May
sn.co.ukSafenames Ltd
so.co.ukANY-Web Limited
sp.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies6300
sq.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ss.co.ukPsychic Media Ltd8100
su.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
sv.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
sw.co.ukSanderson Weatherall LLP
sx.co.ukGiant Games Ltd2100
sz.co.ukANY-Web Limited
t.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC39000
ta.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies7200
tb.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited8300
tf.co.ukAndrei Polgar Trading as: Billion Dollar Media S.R.L.IT Media Inc3400
tg.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC3100
th.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies4900
tj.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies3300
tk.co.ukRoss QuadeDomain Capital4388
tl.co.ukA HughDomain Capital3950
tm.co.ukANY-Web Limited17000
tn.co.ukA HughDomain Capital2700
to.co.ukRoss QuadeDomain Capital5300
tq.co.ukTorquil Clark Ltd3500
tr.co.ukSerdinc Yilmaz7500
ts.co.ukGarth Piesse3311
tt.co.ukGarth Piesse6066
tx.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1500
ty.co.ukRoss QuadeDomain Capital4000
tz.co.ukANY-Web Limited2700
ua.co.ukUnder Armour
uc.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ud.co.ukANY-Web Limited
ue.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
uf.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ug.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
uh.co.ukUnited Communications Ltd.
ui.co.ukA HughDomain Capital1700
uj.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC930
ul.co.ukA Hugh2700
um.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC2300
un.co.ukANY-Web Limited3100
uo.co.ukUrban Outfitters Ireland Ltd
up.co.ukGarth Piesse9088
uq.co.ukANY-Web Limited1501
ur.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
us.co.ukANY-Web Limited11111
ut.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC1319
uu.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
uw.co.ukANY-Web Limited
ux.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC2100
uy.co.ukANY-Web Limited
uz.co.ukANY-Web Limited
va.co.uk31e Management Solutions Limited
vc.co.ukANY-Web Limited12050
vd.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
ve.co.ukANY-Web Limited
vf.co.ukANY-Web Limited
vg.co.ukANY-Web Limited2600
vh.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
vi.co.ukA HughDomain Capital
vj.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
vk.co.ukANY-Web Limited
vl.co.ukDavid Kelly
vm.co.ukANY-Web Limited
vn.co.ukANY-Web Limited
vo.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
vq.co.ukANY-Web Limited
vr.co.ukANY-Web Limited3800
vs.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
vt.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
vu.co.ukAlamex Limited
vv.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC4800
vx.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1500
vy.co.ukANY-Web Limited
vz.co.ukANY-Web Limited
w.co.ukANY-Web Limited43000
wa.co.ukWill Adderley
wb.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies6600
wc.co.uk31e Management Solutions Limited5700
we.co.ukANY-Web Limited5200
wf.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wg.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
wh.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wi.co.ukANY-Web Limited4800
wj.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
wk.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wl.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wn.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies3700
wo.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wp.co.ukANY-Web Limited5965
wq.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wr.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited
ws.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wt.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
wu.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
wv.co.ukANY-Web Limited
ww.co.ukANY-Web Limited
wx.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1200
wy.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
wz.co.ukANY-Web Limited
x.co.uk9 Ltd(1st change) Sara-Ann Ltd (now) Kiss Ltd40000
xa.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xb.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xc.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
xd.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xe.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xf.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xg.co.ukRoss QuadeDomain Capital
xh.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xi.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
xj.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
xk.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xl.co.ukRegistration Transfers Limited9100
xm.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xn.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xo.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
xp.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
xq.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xr.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xs.co.ukGarth Piesse
xt.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xu.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xv.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
xw.co.ukANY-Web Limited
xx.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
xy.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
xz.co.ukANY-Web Limited
ya.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC1100
yb.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC4100
yc.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC
yd.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
ye.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
yf.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yg.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yh.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yi.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yj.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yk.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yl.co.ukANY-Web Limited
ym.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yn.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yq.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yr.co.ukANY-Web Limited
ys.co.ukPeter Smith
yt.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
yu.co.ukGarth Piesse XYZ Invest LLC
yv.co.ukANY-Web Limited
yx.co.ukGiant Games Ltd900
yy.co.ukGarth PiesseXYZ Invest LLC2900
yz.co.ukANY-Web Limited
za.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
zb.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zc.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zd.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
ze.co.ukXYZ Invest LLC
zg.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zh.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zi.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zj.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zk.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
zl.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zm.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
zn.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zo.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zp.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zq.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zr.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zs.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zt.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zu.co.ukNokta Internet Technologies
zv.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zw.co.ukANY-Web Limited
zx.co.ukGiant Games Ltd1700

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