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Ty Hancocks: Who am I?

After doing a degree at UCL then a Masters in Science Journalism at Imperial College, I started my career at BBC Television, working as part of the production team on the BBC1 science program “Tomorrow’s World”. In total I stayed at the BBC for 7 years, working on a wide range of programs, finally becoming the Senior Producer in charge of the BBC’s Interactive Television Sports coverage.

Working on the birth of interactive TV in the mid 1990s also meant that I saw the early effects of the internet on broadcasting, and I was involved in the very first trials for broadband services that were being run by various telecoms companies in partnership with the BBC. As a result of this I eventually started domaining in 1998/1999, buying and selling a fair number of these domains before the bubble burst in 2001. I built up a portfolio of around 1000 domains, which seemed the right thing to do as registration costs were by this time plummeting.

I left the BBC in Autumn 2000 to set up my first business, after I was lucky enough to win a BAFTA Award for creating & directing the BBC’s first Interactive TV coverage from Wimbledon and the British Open Golf in the summer of 2000. Because of this it seemed like a good time to try doing my own thing, but also I felt it was time for a challenge. The BBC was great and a huge amount of fun, but it’s a pretty safe environment and there’s no “profit & loss” involved in what you produce, be it successful or not.

Between 2000 and 2006 the company I’d left to BBC to set up, First Production, produced a wide range of programmes for BBC, ITV, SKY and Channels 4 & 5, as well as producing hundreds of hours of video based training material for the corporate sector.

During this period First Production were also appointed the television consultant to the Royal Court of Bahrain during their bid to win the right to host and televise the Formula 1 Grand Prix Event in Bahrain – a bid which was ultimately successful after fighting off stiff competition from Egypt and a host of other countries worldwide.

In 2006 I sold the rights to the First Production’s back catalog of training material, which effectively freed me up and at this point I started to properly pick up the reins of the domain game again. Domains & development had remained a background interest, but it was then that I started seriously looking into the structure, services & technology needed to properly develop & monetise a domain portfolio that was now growing again at a fair speed.

This renewed interest has now become an all consuming passion – and the business is now targeted towards acquiring top quality domain names and building them into focused and functional services.